FIAMA is a Fellowship in the International Academy if Medical Acupuncture. The post graduate fellowship certificate is awarded after 300 hours of didactic and clinical application.   Obtaining this certificate dealt specifically with ancient and modern concepts including theory, philosophy, history, diagnostic methods and specific acupuncture techniques and practices.  The techniques and procedures incorporated are from various countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Peoples Republic of China.   I focus on specific acupuncture techniques that DO NOT REQUIRE needle insertion.  These phenomenal techniques use laser and teishein for auriculotherapy, scalp and hand acupuncture points and acupatches for ear and troublesome acupoints throughout the meridians.  Gwasha and acupressure are applied to stimulate blood flow and reduce adhesions, stiffness and pain.  These I offer as an excellent adjunct to Chiropractic care.


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